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How To Calibrate Your TV

It’s a good idea for most to be able to know how to calibrate a TV. Knowing how to color calibrate TVs ensures that your viewing experience is always optimal; color depth and image quality depend greatly on how well the overall picture comes together, no pun…
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HDR10 vs HDR10+ vs Dolby Vision

If you’re already aware of what HDR (high-dynamic range) is, you might find yourself with more questions now that you’ve understood the concept. If you pull out a list of the best 75-80” TVs, you’ll notice that they’re all very evenly split between these three.
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Color Volume: Everything You Need to Know

The best monitors out there seem to have it all; having one of those top-of-the-line 1440p monitors seems to ensure perfect visuals and cutting-edge technology all in exchange for a few hundred dollars. You might already know, however, that this is not always true. Of the…
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Analog vs Digital: What's the Difference?

The seemingly always-relevant allure of retro-tech and nostalgic music and shows leads many to wonder what it’s all about, especially with the popularity of VHS and camcorder apps, prompting the need for a better understanding of what analog is and what digital is. Houses…