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How to Update Android Device?

how to update android 4

Mobile devices are everywhere. There are tablets, smartphones, iPads, all sorts of devices that help with our work, entertain us, and generally play an important part in our lives.

However, for them to work properly and give you the best possible experience, you will need to update them regularly. This process isn’t complicated, no matter what operating system your device uses and should be easily done even by the newbies. Nonetheless, a little bit of guidance is always helpful.

Therefore, today, you are going to be introduced to the process of how to update the Android device.

How to Update Android

As you may guess, updating your Android-run tablet or smartphone is no rocket science and is consisted of only a couple of steps that include the following:

  1. To update your Android device, first you have to enter the device’s “Settings”.
  2. how to update android 1

  3. Once you do that, go to “About phone”

    how to update android 2

    and after that “System update”.

  4. how to update android 3

  5. If there are any updates, your Android will install them, if not, you will see “No updates available” on your screen and that is all folks. Much simpler than you imagined, right?

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