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BOSE S1 Pro Bluetooth Speaker Review

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An Ideal Party Tool

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BOSE S1 Pro is a high-quality Bluetooth speaker that offers excellent sound and a durable structure that lets you use it in almost any situation. This is a portable and highly versatile device, with a great set of features and enhancement options that rightfully position it at the sheer top among the best Bluetooth speakers out there. There is also solid connectivity, good compatibility, and a very good mixture of characteristics that make an excellent portable speaker.


Connectivity: Bluetooth and 3.5 mm analog connection
Driver’s size: 5 cm
Battery life: 11 hours
Weight: 7000 grams
Dimensions: Height 330 mm, Width 241 mm, Depth 284 mm


In other words, other than the great sound with plenty of basses, BOSE S1 Pro also comes with multiple built-in sensors and a large number of aiming positions, offering the best possible experience, in almost any position. There is also a decent rechargeable, lithium-ion battery that provides some 11 hours of work, as well as both Bluetooth and wired connectivity that offers a reliable, low-latency performance, as should be the case with the device of this class.

Also, the Bluetooth connection has a wireless range of up to 9 meters, while the speaker comes fitted with the 3-channel mixer, with EQ controls on two channels, the ToneMatch processing function, and a dedicated channel for streaming from both wireless and wire-connected devices.

BOSE S1 Pro comes with an Auto EQ function, multiple inputs that include 2 combo XLR inputs, 3.5 mm and Bluetooth input, as well as TRS line output that should give you a decent level of versatility.

To make things even better, BOSE S1 Pro is also compatible with Android and iOS devices and can be easily controlled over the Bose Connect app that eases pairing with other Bose S1 Pro speakers and lets you create multiple surround sound configurations up to your wishes, and much more.

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As mentioned earlier, BOSE S1 Pro has a powerful sound with a mighty bass, while the audio profile is well-balanced, which makes it ideal for different genres. Its only weakness is the lack of low bass, which proves to be insufficient for watching action-packed movies, making deep thumps and rumbles rather weak and unconvincing.

On the other hand, BOSE S1 Pro proves to be an ideal option for podcasts and similar materials due to the balanced mid-range sound and clear and accurate reproduction of voices, which can be crucial for this type of content.

BOSE S1 Pro allows easy pairing and provides a straightforward use, which makes it suitable for any age. Also, it is lightweight and has a carrying handle that makes it highly portable, while the good and reliable Bluetooth and wired connection allows for trouble-free streaming, letting you enjoy your favorite content in the best possible way.


When talking about design, Bose S1 Pro brings a highly durable build; however, it doesn’t include any special protections such as dust, or water resistance. Most of its parts are made out of black plastic, while the front of the speaker comes with a steel grille that both protects the drive inside and brings a bit of class to the speaker’s looks.

The overall build is pretty small, with a many-angled shape, while the quality of the materials used seems pretty solid and worth the higher price tag.

Bose S1 Pro also comes with a 35mm pole cup at the bottom that allows its mounting on a speaker stand, multiple inputs and outputs, as well as the built-in three-channel mixer that gives it additional versatility.

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All in all, Bose S1 Pro presents a pretty good overall package and offers a well-balanced, loud sound, with easy multi-device pairing and a portable design that makes this speaker suitable for any purpose, whether that is a beach or house party, or you enjoying podcasts.

However, is the most important about this speaker is its great adaptability and ability to provide excellent sound, regardless of the surroundings or its positioning. Bose S1 Pro can be placed on a stand, table, or the floor, it can even be tilted in the back and still deliver an excellent performance.

Also, there is the three-channel mixer, with the ToneMatch feature that allows you to enhance the vocals, pianos, guitars, letting you have the best possible audio experience. In other words, Bose S1 Pro presents a complete product that offers the performance of the best bookshelf speakers.


Still, the fact remains that it has a bad soundstage performance and that its low-end output requires improvements. Also, the 11-hour battery life may be good enough for a party; nonetheless, if you look at the competition and see how much more autonomy they provide, you will see that the Bose S1 Pro’s 11-hour battery life is rather disappointing.

In addition, don’t forget that the Bose S1 Pro doesn’t offer any special protection against water, dust, or similar factors, which certainly isn’t a good thing to know.

Final Thoughts

However, if you observe the overall picture, it is obvious that the Bose S1 Pro brings an excellent value to the customer. Yes, it also costs a lot; nonetheless, for its high price you are getting excellent sound, multiple sound enhancements, and equally importantly, great portability.

In addition, this speaker can be successfully used for a variety of purposes, different content types, and even put in so many different positions, and still provide great audio.

In other words, if you are after one of the best Bluetooth speakers in the class that will give you everything you need and much more, Bose S1 Pro is the speaker to look for and a great option – of course, if the amount of money required for its purchase isn’t too much for you.

All in all, Bose S1 Pro is a great product, perfect for many users, and a device that certainly won’t disappoint you in any situation.

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