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Razer Kiyo Webcam Review

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A Webcam Perfect for Video Streaming

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Razer Kiyo is a unique-looking webcam, with an excellent 1080p image quality and a handy lighting ring that makes it an ideal option for video streaming on Twitch, YouTube, and similar services. This is easy to use, with plug-and-play functionality and great compatibility that allows it to work with a variety of devices, including Windows and Mac-based devices, Android, Xbox One, and many others.


Connectivity: USB2.0
Image Resolution: 4MP
Video Resolution: 1080p
Video encoding: YUY2/MJPEG or H.264
Field of view: 81.6 degrees
Compatibility: Windows, macOS, Xbox One, Chrome OS, Android


Razer Kiyo is a great device, dedicated to capturing a sharp and detailed image and their easy streaming on the needed services. This is the webcam that supports 30fps 1080p, as well as 60fps 720p video capture and can create still images of 2688 by 1520 pixels.

Razer Kiyo has an 81.6 degrees field of view, USB2.0 connectivity, and comes along with a built-in ring light that works very well in both bright and darkroom surroundings. In addition, this webcam is fully compatible with the Razer Synapse 3 software that provides multiple presets and settings changes, such as enabling/disabling autofocus, changing the focal distance, and many others.

When talking about the OBS software, you will be glad to know that Razer Kiyo supports all of them and that its best results show with the OBS or XSplit that is also recommended by the Razer, and that it is compatible with all sorts of video conferencing services, making it a good conference tool as well.

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Simply, Razer Kiyo is a highly versatile device that offers great compatibility and allows for easy use, no whether it comes to the Synapse 3 settings changes, video conferencing, or streaming, which is the key objective of this webcam. In other words, Razer Kiyo offers a straightforward use; therefore, no matter your age, or tech education, any task should be managed without a hassle.

Its picture quality is great, images sharp, and with a lot of details, while its exposure is well-balanced. The included ring light brings excellent brightness, although it’s maybe too bright, which can be easily changed and adjusted to your preferences, with the help of the twist-ring around the camera.

What is even better is that the Razer Kiyo brings great low-light performance even without the light ring, which rightfully positions its neck and neck with the best streaming webcams available. Therefore, no matter how you plan to use this camera – for video calls, streaming, or something else, you may be sure you will get the perfect image.

However, its audio quality is something completely different and is in the class with built-in laptop microphones that are delivering soft and muffled sound, which is a big no-no, especially for this price. In other words, if you need good quality sound, you will need to get an external microphone that will make all the trouble go away.


In the design department, Razer Kiyo brings an excellent look, with great attention to details and a rather unique appearance that rightfully separates it from other high-quality webcams.

Its combination of a small lens in the middle of the glossy black plastic, lens-textured disk, with status LEDs on the top and a Razer logo bellow, and the translucent white ring that is surrounding it, gives this webcam exclusive looks, offering a premium feel. Also, the very good movement of the camera that includes the up and down tilting and the foldable bottom, as well as the ability of the camera to be paired with tripods, makes this webcam an ideal solution for any sort of task, including the professional ones.

This webcam also comes with a built-in 1.5 meter USB cable and presents a well-built device, as should be the case with prominent streaming webcams such as this one.

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Razer Kiyo has good looks, and before anything else, it provides an excellent picture quality in both still and video images. In addition, its low-light performance is impressive and can be additionally enhanced with the built-in ring-light, while the webcam allows its use with almost any device, due to its great compatibility, as well as its plug-and-play functionality.

Also, Razer Kiyo can be easily adjusted with the help of the Razer Synapse 3 software, letting you see the finest details, while the streaming software, such as OBS or XSplit, work flawlessly with it, offering great usability of the device.

In other words, everything needed for a premium experience is there, except for the mic that simply isn’t up to the class of this device.


Simply, this is a major disadvantage and downside of the Razer Kiyo – the mediocre microphone that offers muffled sound and has no purpose if you are into professional streaming. This device only offers a great opportunity for creating high-quality videos, while the poor audio performance demands an additional microphone if you have any intention of using this webcam for serious work.

Final Thoughts

All in all, Razer Kiyo is one of the best streaming webcams you can find on the market, without any doubt; however, only if you are observing just its video and image quality that are among the best in the class. In the case you are also including its audio into the equation, the overall conclusion changes drastically and instead of a great device, this webcam turns into just a decent one.

When talking about the competition, Razer Kiyo is neck and neck with the webcams such as Logitech HD Webcam C920 and C922 that provide a similar level of performance; however, lack the lighting and offer the more classical appearance that isn’t anything bad, yet gives the Razer Kiyo a slight edge in the design department.

In other words, if there was a better microphone, the Razer Kiyo would probably be the best of the best among the streaming webcams. This way that simply isn’t the case. Nonetheless, if you are willing to pair it with a pro mic, you will be more than pleased with the results and end up with the perfect tool for video conferencing, streaming and have many other opportunities that this device brings to the customer.

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