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Mouse Tips and Shortcuts to Know

mouse tips and shortcuts

Your mouse is capable of much more than simply clicking on icons and online links. It offers a variety of useful functions that can help you save time, whether dealing with text or even using your internet browser.

You can quickly select content, display menus, and change views using double-clicks, triple-clicks, the right button, and the scroll wheel.

A trackpad is a mouse that is incorporated into a laptop (also known as a touchpad). It can double-click and triple-click like a mouse. However, right-clicking and scrolling are different.

Here are some mouse tips and shortcuts for Windows, Mac, and Google Chrome you may use to shorten the time it takes to accomplish certain basic word-processing and surfing tasks.


You’re undoubtedly used to double-clicking with the left mouse button or double clicks on a trackpad to launch files and apps, but you can also double-click to execute other activities.

When dealing with text in a word processor or email, double-clicking a word selects it. You also manage your open window (i.e., minimize, maximize). The text can then be copied, deleted, or formatted.

double clicking


Most people are unaware that triple-clicking with the left button or three clicks on a trackpad is a valuable shortcut for generating selections in a variety of circumstances.

  • Most word processing programs allow you to triple-click on a paragraph to choose the entire section.
    triple clicking
  • You may also pick a URL by triple-clicking it in your web browser’s address bar. If you like, you may copy the URL using the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+C (Windows) or Command+C (Mac).
    picking an url


Use the right-click menu whenever you wish to highlight text or inspect the details of an item. For example, if you select a file or paragraph, you can right-click it, copy it, and then right-click somewhere else to paste it.

right clicking text

Choosing a word and right-clicking it in your web browser will allow you to look for the term (for example, in Google Chrome, Opera, etc.).

right click search text

Scroll Wheel

A trackpad lacks a scroll wheel, although a mouse does. To scroll on a trackpad, you’ll need to use two fingers to swipe up or down. Scrolling may be advantageous in some situations (like with your web browser).

  • You can also use the scroll wheel to pick an URL and launch it in the Google Chrome tab, much like a mouse button. On trackpads, this option is not available; instead, you must right-click to launch a new browser tab.
    scroll wheel
  • Some websites and apps, such as Google Maps, let you zoom in and out by scrolling up and down.

Open Multiple Links

This method helps you access many URLs in real-time. You simply press and hold the [CTRL] button and click on the URLs you wish to open. Every one of them will open in a new tab.

open multiple links

Select Multiple Text Pieces and files Using [CTRL] Key

You may use this approach to select numerous text fragments in a file. Pick a text part, then hit and hold the [CTRL] key to choose the next text part you desire.

select multiple text pieces

Select Vertical Text Using [ALT] Key

It’s quite simple; simply hold down the [Alt] key while selecting the text with your mouse’s left button.

select vertical text

It is important to point out that this method does not work on internet pages. You may also use this approach, but only on Microsoft Office documents.

Shift + Click

To select the full paragraph, hit and hold the shift button and left-click on the paragraph, it is so simple, and it reduces your work time.

Mac Mouse Shortcuts

Here are some major Mac mouse and trackpad shortcuts that can save your time when doing work.

Trackpad gestures

To learn much about these gestures, go to the Apple menu > System Preferences > Trackpad. You may disable a gesture, modify the kind of gesture, and learn which gestures are compatible with your Mac.

Trackpad motions necessitate the use of a Magic Trackpad or a built-in Multi-Touch trackpad. You can also Force click and receive haptic feedback if your trackpad supports Force Touch.

  • Click with your finger.
    To click, use one finger to tap.
  • Secondary click (right-click)
    Use two fingers to click or tap.
  • Smart Zoom
    To zoom in and out of a webpage or PDF, double-tap with two fingers.
  • Scroll
    Scroll by swiping two fingers down or up.
  • Zoom in and out.
    To zoom in and out, squeeze with two fingers.
  • Rotate
    Rotate a picture or even another item by wrapping two fingers around each other.
  • Swipe among pages
    To see the previous or next page, swipe two fingers left or right.
  • Show desktop
    Spread your thumb and three fingers to display the desktop.
  • Swipe between full-screen apps
    To switch between full-screen apps, swipe four fingers left or right.
  • Display all active apps
    Swipe up with three fingers to exit your current window and see all of the apps that are presently open.

Mouse Gestures

  • Click
    To click, use the left part of the mouse as you could use some other device mouse.
  • Secondary click
    As with a typical computer mouse, click the right side of the mouse.
  • Scroll
    To move up or down, swipe one finger up or down the Magic Mouse.
  • Smart zoom
    To zoom in or out of a webpage or Document, double-tap with one finger.
  • Swipe between pages
    To see the past or next pages, swipe your finger left or right.
  • Swipe between full-screen apps
    Swipe two fingers left or right to switch between full-screen apps.
  • Launch the Notification Center
    Swipe two fingers left from the right side to see Notification Center.
  • Mission Command
    To access Mission Control, swipe up with 4 fingers.

For more details about trackpad and mouse, check out this Apple support Site.


If you’re a gamer or your job demands you to spend a significant amount of time in front of a PC, you should use mouse and keyboard shortcuts to reduce your work time.

The trackball mouse is a good option as well, and you can do your work faster increase your productivity by using these tips and shortcuts mentioned in the post.

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