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Can an iPad Really Replace a Laptop?

can ipad replace laptop

Technology users frequently inquire whether an iPad might replace a laptop. The simple answer is that yes, the new iPad models have the potential.

iPad has a Microsoft Office version. It includes a web browser. It can watch and listen to various media types (except maybe for ancient formats).

iPad can also edit almost every kind of media. It even has games. And in terms of processing, it has become quick enough that it’s no longer irritating.

Many individuals would be astonished at how well the iPad may satisfy their requirements. The apparent exception is programmers.

But it’s never lived up to that promise since Apple can only accomplish so much with a tiny tablet. There are no USB ports or SD card readers. The most recent iPads feature only one charging port and no headphone jack. Because they run the Apple operating system (OS), you cannot install vital software packages such as Windows, content creators, or others that you may require for a business.

How to use an iPad as a Laptop

Apple’s newest iPads, together with attachments like the magic keyboard and software upgrades in iPad OS, have transformed the company’s tablets into proper desktop and laptop alternatives.

However, there are a few things to consider if you intend to use the iPad as a replacement for a laptop. Here are some suggestions for replacing your Mac book or any other laptop with an iPad, whether for business, education, or general use.

Get a Real Keyboard and Mouse

Long, the lack of mouse functionality was the biggest impediment to the iPad functioning as a PC or laptop alternative. However, Apple’s recent iPad OS update adds external mouse and touchpad functionality to the iPad, allowing you to utilize a desktop or laptop-style cursor for the first time.

However, before you purchase a mouse and start clicking, you should definitely get a keyboard as well. You may use your own Bluetooth keyboard to type on your iPad, but you might also acquire a keyboard case that doubles as a case & tend to make the iPad seem more laptop-like than normal.

Learn How to Manage your Windows

Learning well how to organize your application windows is maybe the most annoying aspect of using an iPad as a laptop substitute.

Window administration is simple on a laptop, but on an iPad, you’ll be dragging and sliding programs to different places on the screen to maintain your multitasking habits.

The iPad’s Split View functionality allows you to run two programs side by side. You can run up to 3 apps at once and drag and drop objects such as images and email attachments among apps.

Get a Stand

When you’re using your iPad as your main computer these days, you’re undoubtedly in terrible posture—perhaps bent over with your neck angled downward.

Working like this for a few days is OK, but doing so for an extended amount of time will result in a stretched neck, an aching back, and an overall unpleasant sensation.

So you’ll need a stain for your iPad to make it easier to operate.

For More Versatility, You Need a Hub

If you really want to link a wide range of gadgets to your iPad, you’ve undoubtedly noticed that there’s only one port. What is the solution?

A USB-C hub that not only connects devices like USB sticks or video cameras to your iPad but also supercharges it when combined with the appropriate external peripherals.

Adding your iPad to an Ethernet hub provides a connected connection for lag-free conversations. You may also connect your beloved wired keyboard instead of purchasing a wireless model.

By attaching your iPad to a secondary screen, a hub may also provide you with much-needed screen space.

Can you use an iPad for University Instead of a Laptop?

There seem to be three primary reasons why the iPad is superior to a laptop for college use.

First, the college workflow consists of reading textbooks, taking notes, and creating papers. The iPad is superior in all of these areas, especially with a pen.

The second purpose is for backups and assistance. If your device is damaged, it is simple to replace it at an Apple Store with Apple Care. Whereas a laptop may be replaced in minutes, an iPad can be restored from a backup in minutes.

Portability is the third reason. It is simple to move an iPad from one location to another at a college/university.

Is the iPad Pro Better to use as a Laptop?

The iPad Pro offers incredible features and, depending on the application, may partially replace laptops. However, due to operating system limitations, it will not totally replace the laptop just yet.

But overall, it has amazing features. You must like the iPad Pro, and it has great reviews. You can pull it out of the keyboard case whenever you want to read and swiftly put it back in to take notes or compose an email.

While MacBooks utilize macOS, iPads have their own operating system called iPadOS. The most recent versions of both of these operating systems are closely aligned, yet they still contain significant variances.

For the most part, iPadOS works more like a smartphone than a laptop or desktop computer. The distinction in operating systems will be most noticeable in the apps. On the iPad, mouse and keyboard functions and shortcuts operate differently.

Applications on the iPad function similarly to apps on the iPhone. They are often more restrictive than macOS programs.


Never replace a laptop with an earlier iPad, especially one that isn’t suitable with the magic keyboard or a similar keyboard case. These iPads will continue to feel like tablet devices, with low storage and computing capability.

But, when we analyze our need for a laptop, we may discover that the sort of job we do does not require the use of a laptop at all. We might be able to get by with a powerful tablet like the iPad Pro.

Much of the possibility of replacing a laptop is dependent on the sort of job we conduct. So, while iPads can replace some computers, they cannot yet totally replace a MacBook.

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