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The Best Gaming Desks in 2022

best gaming desks

If you are an inveterate gamer, we bet you have one of the best gaming PCs and all gaming gear you need to be number one. But if you are reading this article now, it means that there is yet one thing you lack for. That is the best gaming desk.

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Why Invest in Gaming Desk


Of course, health isn’t the only thing which motivates millions of gamers all over the world to buy a gaming desk. But it’s definitely one of the most crucial reasons why you should invest in a top-notch gaming desk.

Ergonomics plays an important part when choosing the best gaming desk. Will you be able to spend hours not just sitting at the uncomfortable desk but trying to win a game? We doubt that. Ergonomics is also essential for those who spend all their working day in front of the computer and at the same are gamers at home.

Choosing a desk for gaming always consider its height as you will need a chair to match it. In case you don’t manage to do that, you will have a risk of getting a carpal tunnel syndrome or repetitive strain injury after prolonged typing. That is why ergonomics is of vital importance for PC gamers. Some desks include a retractable keyboard tray to vary the distance from the keyboard or can have an angled design which enables you to put your hands in a natural position.

how to sit right

So, the main task for you is to find the desk as well as a chair with a fitting height. By the by, you can check our list of best gaming chairs in order to get a right desk and chair combo.

Some of the best gaming desks also allow changing their height, so you may even switch to a standing position. Such option lets you take care of your posture as it helps to reduce neck and shoulder problems.


Space is another factor that affects the final choice of the gaming desk. Having more space means more room for all your gaming gear. Besides, it’s easier to keep everything organized and to stay organized yourself. Before the purchase, you should know how much working area you need and what you are going to place in it. Remember that it’s good to have enough space not only for peripherals but also below the desk as this will let your legs move freely.

Cable and Wire Management

A mess of cables and wires scattered all over the desk is a real nightmare of every neat freak. So, if you have a little “ataxophobe” hidden somewhere inside you, then look only for high-quality gaming desks, which are well-designed to organize your workspace.

A top-notch desk includes a range of rubber or plastic grommet inserts which serve to hide and manage all cables and wires of your gaming gear. There may be even a special place for a power bar.


Another issue closely connected with the previous one is accessibility. A lot of gaming desks come with special spots and places for a keyboard, mice and computer towers as well as shelves and drawers for office supplies. It’s always great to have everything organized and right at your fingertips.


Sure, an organized workstation will increase your productivity. You will stay focused on the things which matter and won’t get distracted by the tangled cables on your desk. Having everything at the right place and at hand, you won’t get nervous when looking for some office supplies or earbuds. Obviously, such conditions will only improve your performance and save your nerve cells.


If you want to have a high-grade desk for gaming, get ready to pay for it. Of course, it doesn’t mean that you will have to spend a fortune on it. Still, no one can deny the correlation between price and quality.

A high-quality gaming desk will survive all your ups and downs. It will last a lot of years as being durable means no fear of scratches or damages.


Productive, durable, spacious and well-organized – these are features of the best desk for gaming. Still, there is left one more thing which shouldn’t be forgotten and omitted and that’s style. Whatever we choose to buy, we always pay attention at its look. And when it comes to the furniture the question of style can become number one. A good desk can be not only a great place for gaming but also a stylish interior detail.

How to Choose the Best Gaming Desk


Basically, it’s always better to start with the budget. If you are going to spend a pretty penny on a gaming desk then you have more chances to get a stylish and high-quality product that will serve you long years.

In case you have some budget squeezes or you just don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars on the desk for gaming then get ready to find a compromise between a price and quality.


Keep in mind that your desk should have enough room for placing a gaming PC, monitor, keyboard, projector and the other gaming stuff. Are you going to place a laptop instead of a desktop PC or keep two screens at a time? You should take into account all the details to choose the most suitable desk for gaming. Anyway, whatever desk you will choose it should have enough space for your gaming gear as well as your hands and legs.

Size and Fit

One more factor to consider before buying a gaming desk is its size. Whatever cool and spacious a big desk may be it will become a real disaster in the small room. In such case it’s better to pay attention at a wall-mounted foldaway desk (suitable for laptops) or L-shaped corner desks.

In a word, make sure the desk you choose fits the size of your room. That is why, it’s always better to take the measurements and to know approximate dimensions of your future gaming desk beforehand. Besides, remember to check whether the size of the desk will allow you to place all the gaming peripherals and office supplies.


The most popular types of desks include L-shaped, U-shaped, standard straight, sitting-standing and folding desks. The choice of the design depends upon the size of the room you are going to place a desk in, the number of monitors and a range of the other nuances mentioned above.

L-shaped Desk

Such desk is suitable for those who want to have enough workplace but at the same time save some space. It would be also a great choice in case you have multiple screens. Such desk can be placed almost in any room as it will fit any corner.

U-shaped Desk

Unlike L-shaped desk this type demands more space. U-shaped desk offers two desk stations, what is rather convenient as you can divide your workstation into two sectors – gaming and office parts.

Standard Straight Desk

This is the simplest type of desks. Though it can’t offer a lot of space it is the easiest one to assemble. Such desk usually includes a simple table-top and a durable frame under-layer.

Sitting/Standing Desk

That’s a kind of a desk transformer. Its height can be adjusted to users’ needs and changed depending on their either sitting or standing position. Such desk is especially good for health. Note that it’s also one of the priciest types of desks.

Folding desk

Arguably, such design is the most compact and lightweight. This desk can be placed almost anywhere as it doesn’t need much space.


Another thing that should be taken into account is material. The type of material affects its durability, general look and, of course, price. Modern desks are usually made from such materials as wood, PVC with steel, steel or glass.


Such desks are usually made of maple, oak or pine as these materials are the most strong and durable. Wood brings a traditional and elegant look but it makes the desk quite heavy as well. Note that maple and oak are usually more expensive than pine.

PVC & Steel

Such combination includes PVC desktops and a steel frame. They are not as heavy as desks made of wood and as a result are more portable.


These desks have a glass top which makes them look very elegant and sophisticated. The glass used for these desks is scratch-resistant but can collect fingerprints. Though they have a steel frame they are also considered to be the most fragile.


The last but not least factor which can influence on your final choice of the gaming desk is assembling time and difficulty. Whatever desk you will buy the next stage presupposes its assembling. Lots of manufacturers try to improve manuals and lighten assembling conditions by reducing the number of components, what results in less time-consuming assembling process.

Still, the general idea is quite simple – the smaller a desktop you buy the easier assembling you will have. In case, you don’t like this stage then you can just call an assembling guy to make it simple and fast. The only issue here is that not all of the manufacturers may provide such option.

Below you will find the list of best desks for gaming to choose from.

13 Best Gaming Desks

Atlantic Gaming Desk

The Best Gaming Desk Under $100

atlantic gaming desk
If you’re short on space and need something compact and portable take a look at Atlantic gaming desk. It is designed with a sleek charcoal laminated top which makes this desk look simple and stylish at the same time.

There is also a charging stand for a smartphone, speaker stands, game storage, a controller stand, under-desk basket and built-in wire management. Add to this a rear power strip holder, a cup holder and a headphone hook and it makes sense why this gaming desk is considered to be one of the best.


  • compact and portable
  • well-organized design
  • sturdy frame
  • easy assembling
  • affordable price
  • stylish look

  • too small ear brackets
  • not as much space as other desks can offer

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Walker Edison Soreno 3-Piece Corner Desk

The Best Gaming Desk for Multiple Monitors

walker edison soreno 3-piece corner desk
Another representative of gaming desks is Walker Edison Soreno 3-Piece Corner Desk. One of the best things about this L-shaped desk is that it’s not going to break the bank. Its top is made of polished and beveled, tempered safety glass and its legs are durable due to powder coated steel material. Walker Edison Soreno desk has also got a sliding keyboard tray.


  • spacious
  • modern design
  • easy assembling
  • affordable price

  • not perfect for cable management
  • no drawers or any other storage room like that

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Gtracing Gaming Desk

A Desk Built for True Gamers

gtracing gaming desk
Gtracing Gaming Desk is an affordable piece of furniture that offers great value for the customer and plenty of small things that do make a change, due to its great durability and feature-rich design.

There is an adjustable monitor stand that can be moved to the right or the left, to find its ideal positioning, it has adjustable feet screw, and a headphone hook. Also, there is the speaker and controller holder, even the power strip cord holder, located under the tabletop. In other words, there is more than enough space for every accessory.

Gtracing Gaming Desk is very easy to assemble and, for a regular user, it would take some 20 minutes to do it. The surface of the table offers carbon fiber coating and is both scratch and stain-resistant, and provides enough space (its dimensions are 120cm x 65cm), not only for gaming, but other tasks as well.

To conclude, if you are looking for the best budget-friendly gaming desk that will give you plenty of features, sturdy construction, and an overall great value for the money, the Gtracing Gaming Desk is your best option.


  • Stain and scratch-resistant
  • Easy assembly
  • Durable
  • Affordable

  • None

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Arozzi Arena Gaming Desk

Great Adjustable Gaming Desk

arozzi arena gaming desk
This is one of the easiest desks to assemble. It’s spacious enough to place up to three monitors, a mouse, a keyboard and other gaming gear. Arozzi Arena gaming desk includes a custom mouse pad which comes with water-resistant microfiber cloth surface. It has also got an adjustable height and can be easily transported. What is more, there’s a good cable-management system to keep your workspace well-organized.


  • a sturdy build
  • easy assembling
  • spacious desktop
  • exclusive mouse pad
  • adjustable height
  • good cable management

  • pricey
  • a bit wobbly
  • in some time metal legs can get rust and limescale

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Vitesse 55 inch Gaming Desk

Everything You Ever Needed from a Gaming Desk

vitesse 55 inch gaming desk
If you are a passionate gamer that likes every accessory to have its place and wants to have a large working space that offers great versatility, as well as dual monitor configuration, Vitesse 55 inch Gaming Desk is the thing for you.

This desk comes with four USB ports, a cup holder, and a headphone hook, as well as a rack, where you can place items such as games, controllers, or similar. Also, the desk itself is equipped with a cable management tray at the bottom of the tabletop and more importantly, comes with a mouse pad cover that is large enough to cover the entire surface of the table.

To make a long story short, if the best gaming desk in the more budget-friendly area is your main target, you may be sure that Vitesse 55 inch Gaming Desk will fit you well.


  • Fair price
  • Feature-rich
  • Mouse pad covers the entire tabletop surface
  • Sturdy construction
  • Spacious working surface
  • Attractive-looking

  • Not the best quality control

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Eureka Gaming Colonel Z1S E-sport Desk

The Ultimate E-Sport Accessory

eureka gaming colonel z1s e-sport desk
If you are more than a weekend gamer, and you are seeking a nice-looking and highly usable gaming desk, with a bunch of neat accessories, Eureka Gaming Colonel Z1S E-sport Desk is made for you.

However, have in mind that this desk offers a relatively small desktop surface (its dimensions are 113cm x 61.5cm) that will give you enough space for a 40-inch monitor, as well as all the necessary accessories, but not more than that. You won’t be in a position to use it for work or study and a bit of gaming during breaks, simply because there won’t be enough space for both paperwork and the gaming equipment.

If you put that aside, this is like a perfect gaming desk. There is the RGB lighting, located in two lighting zones, on the sides of the desk, and with eight different lighting modes and six colors that will help you make the perfect setup for your gaming adventures. Also, its sturdy Z-shape construction that presents the combination of steel, ABS plastic, and MDF will give you the much-needed stability and the ability to hold up to 100kg of weight on the desk’s surface. Also, a whole bunch of handy accessories such as cup holder, headphone hook, controller stand, game storage, as well as large mouse pad will give you enough room to place your necessities and move your full focus to gaming success.

In other words, with Eureka Gaming Colonel Z1S E-sport Desk you will get the best gaming desk there is, in a bit smaller package.


  • RGB lighting
  • Sturdy construction
  • Plenty of features
  • Large mouse pad

  • No ergonomic features
  • A bit smaller desktop surface

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Teraves Hago Modern L-Shaped Desk

A Lot of Space for a Bargain Price

teraves hago modern l-shaped desk
Finding a decently built and practical desk is very important for every gamer. However, in the crowded market, as a desk market is, it is pretty hard to find a great one. Nevertheless, real quality does show up sooner or later, and one of such products is definitely Teraves Hago Modern L-Shaped Desk.

A desk that is available in two sizes, smaller with 58” length and 44” depth, and larger with 66” in length and 47” in depth. It is available in four colors (black, black oak, beige and teak) and can withstand a weight of about 200kg. Moreover, it is equipped with adjustable leg pads and a handy portable PC stand, and more importantly, it provides an easy installation.

Teraves Hago Modern L-Shaped Desk offers a simple and practical design and can be used as a computer desk, workstation or a gaming desk.

However, its build quality isn’t at the best possible level. Nevertheless, thanks to its thick steel frame and P2 class particial board, this desk provides both great strength and durability.

Overall, Teraves Hago Modern L-Shaped Desk provides a good value for the money and is a more than solid option for various users, including gamers.


  • Easy to assembly
  • Spacious
  • Sturdy

  • No sliding keyboard tray
  • Not the best quality control

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ApexDesk Elite Series 71″ W Electric Height Adjustable Standing Desk

Extremely Ergonomic Desk for Gaming

apexdesk elite series 71 w electric height adjustable standing desk
Adjustable height and ergonomic workspace – that’s what this ApexDesk electric standing desk offers. Having such desk you will be able to take care of your posture changing your sitting position into standing. ApexDesk Elite Series desk is also designed with a solid re-engineered MDF board, which is more durable and easier to maintain. Note that this gaming desk has a sturdy steel constructed frame. The only issue with this desk is that it’s quite pricey.


  • solid build quality
  • spacious desktop
  • adjustable height
  • ergonomic workspace
  • easy assemble

  • expensive
  • cable management can be an issue
  • can be easily scratched

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GreenForest L Shaped Desk

A Highly Versatile and Practical Gaming Desk

greenforest l shaped desk

If you seek a reasonably priced, well-built gaming desk that offers great versatility and functionality, the GreenForest L Shaped Desk is the piece of furniture for you. This is an L-shaped desk, available in 147cm and 162.5cm length and with a height of 75 cm that gives you more than enough legroom.

GreenForest L Shaped Desk is a three-piece desk, with four thickened X legs that provide the much-needed sturdiness. The desk itself is available in three colors: black, brown, and walnut, while high-quality P2 particleboard is used for its build, bringing both great quality and nice looks, as should be the case with one of the best gaming desks available.

For that reason, if you are after the best gaming desk available in the affordable area, GreenForest L Shaped Desk is the thing for you.


  • Available in multiple colors
  • Versatile
  • Reasonably priced
  • Well-built

  • No sliding keyboard tray

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TOPSKY L-Shaped Computer Desk

The Best Gaming Desk for the Money

topsky l-shaped computer desk
This gaming desk is designed with CARB P2 Class MDF board thick steel with epoxy coating. Such combination guarantees durability and stylish look. Due to its L-shape it attracts lots of customers who care both about space in their room and on the desktop. Unlike the pre-cited desk this one allows keeping several monitors on it.


  • spacious
  • stylish look
  • durable build quality
  • can hold a lot of weight (300 pounds)

  • heavy to transport
  • no storage space

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Tribesigns Modern Simple Style Computer Desk

Simple yet Stylish Gaming Desk

tribesigns modern simple style computer desk
If you like minimalist design then this desk is for you. It’s very simple but modern at the same time. Its open-air style leaves more space for your creativity to adjust this desk exactly to your personal preferences. It has a thick and solid wooden top that is solid enough to hold heavy gaming stuff. What is more, it includes scratch-resistant finish. Another great thing about this desk is that it is provided with adjustable leg pads design what makes it suitable for rooms with an uneven floor.


  • simple but stylish design
  • adjustable leg pads height
  • solid build
  • scratch-resistant desktop
  • fast assembly

  • no storage space
  • poor leg feet quality

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SHW Home Office 55″x60″ Large L Shaped Corner Desk

A Basic, but Very Practical L-Shaped Corner Desk

shw home office 55 60 large l shaped corner desk
SHW Home Office Large L Shaped Corner Desk is a desk that offers basic, clean design with a spacious top surface (60” with 55”) large enough for multiple monitors, and a steel frame that significantly affects its overall stability and sturdiness.

This desk is available in three color themes (espresso, black cherry and oak) and is equipped with adjustable leg glides for better positioning, as well as three grommets that provide solid cable management.

SHW Home Office is easy to assemble and offers multi-functionality that allows it to be successfully used as a workstation, gaming desk or a classical office desk. Unfortunately, the quality of its materials isn’t at the highest level; nevertheless, it is decent enough to provide worry-free usage.

Altogether, SHW Home Office has its flaws; however, it offers good practicality and usability and on top of that has a fair price – all the characteristics you would expect from the best L-shaped gaming desk.


  • Easy to assembly
  • Sturdy
  • A fair price

  • Not the best material quality

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Mr IRONSTONE Gaming Desk

A Perfect Fit for Any Gamer

mr ironstone gaming desk
Many people don’t expect much when they buy affordable products; however, in the case of Mr IRONSTONE Gaming Desk, things are different. This desk offers solid durability, good functionality and overall great usability, which positions it among the best gaming desks out there.

To be exact, Mr IRONSTONE Gaming Desk offers plenty of handy features, such as adjustable leg pads, a cup holder and a headphone hook, as well as two cable management holes. More importantly, this desk offers plenty of space (its top desk dimensions are 115cm x 74cm), not only for a gaming setup but for other activities, such as studying, as well. It can hold up to 50kg of weight and it offers both waterproof and easy-cleaning characteristics of its top surface, which certainly helps a lot with its maintenance.

Mr IRONSTONE Gaming Desk provides a modern, R-frame design that combines MDF PVC laminated surface and metal-frame legs, and offers great durability that is backed up with a one-year warranty.

To make a long story short, if you are looking for an excellent gaming companion that will give you plenty of space and a cozy feeling, Mr IRONSTONE Gaming Desk should be your number one choice.


  • Modern-looking
  • Easy to assemble
  • Sturdy
  • Fair-priced
  • One-year warranty
  • Excellent customer service

  • No mouse pad cover

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When it comes to the purchase of a gaming desk, remember to take into account all factors that affect its quality and, of course, your personal preferences and needs. We hope that our list of best desks for gaming will help you cope with this not easy task.

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