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Do you Need a Trackball Mouse?

do you need a trackball mouse

A great number of computer users are content with traditional mice, but a small handful enjoys trackballs.

Though a standard mouse is much more comfortable to use and provides higher accuracy & control, a trackball gives extra efficiency and accessibility.

There are several valid reasons for this affection! If you’re curious to know if you want a trackball mouse, here is why it’s the best tool for you.

Who is a Trackball Mouse Ideal For?

A trackball mouse is perfect not just for professional workers sitting in front of a computer for long periods and general consumers who want a more relaxed alternative, but also for individuals who have mobility or skill challenges gripping and using a mouse.

Trackballs provide enhanced availability and ease of use for such people who may have difficulty handling and using a mouse in a conventional manner.

Because a trackball is a fixed peripheral, it can aid by enabling you to spin the ball and click keys in whatever way you feel fits. All you want to do is choose a form and size that works for you.

Now, we move on to the reasons to buy a trackball mouse. Let’s find out!

Design and Build Quality

Ordinary mice exist in a variety of styles but always have the same fundamental layout: right-click, middle-click/scroll wheel, and left-click. Some may add extra buttons, although they seldom deviate from the standard three-button configuration.

However, Trackball mice are available in several different layouts depending on the size and position of the trackball.

Trackballs that move with your thumb typically have a more traditional layout of left, middle, and right clicks. Trackballs with a bigger, finger-operated core ball are more inventive in their designs. Some even employ a scroll ring instead of a clickable wheel.

Trackballs rely on several ball bearings beneath the globe to ensure the ball moves smoothly and effortlessly. These bearings might become dusty or gunked up over time and may need to be cleaned with a Q-tip.

Comfort and Ergonomics

Due to long hours of sitting each day, the discourse regarding good ergonomics in the workplace has expanded in recent years.

Although standing up is good for your health, using more ergonomic input gadgets can help you avoid repetitive strain injury (RSI). These problems are generated by stressing your muscles in almost a similar way over and over again.

Because of the trackball’s secure location, trackball mice might be a godsend for professionals suffering from wrist-based RSI.

Whereas a standard mouse requires you to rotate your arm and wrist, a trackball merely requires you to move your fingers. Your wrist will be at a healthy angle if you utilize a wrist-rest on your trackball. This relieves it of the strain caused by swiping your mouse around.


It may take some time to get used to using a trackball. However, after a week or so of getting used to it, your cursor’s accuracy can improve significantly.

That’s also especially important for small, precise control that trackballs are more responsive to. Trackballs also make it much easier to whip the cursor from one side of the working space to another.


A mouse is among the few PC parts that still have spinning parts, and these parts wear down and break over time. Inexpensive mice fail the most rapidly, but high-quality mice also age out.

Because trackball mice are immobile, they are not subjected to the stress of violent situations or falls. A trackball may outlive a high-quality office chair if the buttons are kept in good condition. A well-cared-for mouse may live just as long, although they appear to break down a bit more often compared to trackball mice.

Great Alternative to the Travel Mouse

Travel mice are useful, but they need enough space to move around. Trackballs are ideal for accurate work, even when traveling. As such, it might be better for people short on space (such as those who use a lot of tiny motel room desks).


Essentially, if you suffer wrist or forearm pain from using a mouse or touchpad, it is strongly recommended to check out a trackball mouse. The ergonomics are a significant advantage of utilizing this as your primary cursor control.

The trackball is a strong, classic option, even though it is misinterpreted and underestimated. The trackball is a smart alternative for experts and regular users, with a broad range of styles and advantages extending from ergonomics & RSI avoidance to speed and accessibility.

Of course, it goes without saying that gamers have no need for a trackball mouse and should stick to what they are using right now.

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