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The Best Surge Protectors in 2022

best surge protectors

Owning a PC or any other type of volatile electronics demands for some sort of overload protection for it. Of course, that isn’t always the case, and many people use just simple power outlets, which do a proper job, but in the case of a short circuit they can’t help you and you will probably end up with multiple hardware failures.

For that reason, more demanding users and offices are looking for safer solutions and are trying to find the best surge protector and UPS devices for the safeguarding of their property. Nevertheless, the fact is that, unless you are working with a sensitive data, UPS devices aren’t a must for you and surge protectors will give you more than enough safety and will cost you less at the same time.

On the other hand, finding the proper device is not at all an easy task and it requires a bit of research. However, this guide can help you with that and give you some advice, and all you need to do is to carefully read the following lines.

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How to Choose the Best Surge Protector

As previously mentioned, purchasing a quality device, in this case, the best surge protector that will completely fulfill your every need, isn’t simple, but if you know what to look for in this device, the search will surely be a little bit easier.

Surge protection rating

Things are pretty simple when it comes to surge protection rating: more Joules on its behalf mean better protection and more resistance to overloads, short circuits, etc. Therefore, in this case, more is definitely better.

Maximum power supported

In case you own a PC with a 600W PSU, it would be advisable to purchase a surge protector with at least that much-supported power. Fact is that your computer will probably work with a smaller-capacity surge protector, but on the other hand, it might not, and gambling for the sake of a few bucks saved surely isn’t a smart decision. In other words, calculate the power of all the devices that need surge protection and go for the unit that has enough fuel to run all of them.

Number of outlets

More outlets mean you will be able to connect more devices. For that reason, do your homework, calculate your needs and make a decision according to that. If it is possible, also add a couple of extra outlets. You may not need them now, but have in mind that everything changes, including your needs.

Extra features

Extra features aren’t a necessity but might come pretty handy. Therefore, go for as many extra features as you can and try to look for ones that you might really need, such as, for example, child protected outlets (if you have or plan to have kids) or USB charge ports.

11 Best Surge Protectors

Tripp Lite 8 Outlet Surge Protector Power Strip (TLP808B)

A Cheap but Efficient Surge Protector

tripp lite 8 outlet surge protector power strip tlp808b
Tripp Lite 8 Outlet Surge Protector Power Strip (TLP808B) is a good quality surge protector that will do a proper job at an affordable price. It won’t do miracles and it is not equipped with numerous premium features; nevertheless, it supports a decent wattage of 1800W and has a surge-protection rating of 1440 Joules that will be more than enough for most people.

The protector itself comes equipped with eight-foot AC power cord and eight NEMA 5-15R surge protected outlets, three of which support for the connection of fairly large transformers while allowing free use of the other five outlets at the same time. Thanks to its automatic turn-off feature, as soon as a circuit is compromised, the power in all the outlets is cut and that way all the appliances are saved from a surge.

TLP808B complies with UL 1449 safety standards and is supplied with both child-safety covers and LED diagnostics that will surely make your life a bit easier. Also, it is outfitted with EMI/RFI filters for noise reduction at up to 40dB and, more importantly, it comes with a lifetime warranty.

Overall, TLP808B is without a doubt one of the best power strip surge protector devices available, especially considering its price, which is more than fair.


  • Cheap
  • Three outlets designed for bulky transformers
  • Lifetime warranty

  • Not that great build quality

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BN-LINK 8 Outlet Surge Protector

An Affordable and Versatile Power Surge

bn-link 8 outlet surge protector

BN-LINK 8 is a well-built and reasonably priced power surge that, in contrast to the majority of similar-type devices, comes with a timer for its outlets. Four out of its eight outlets can be programmed with a seven-day timer, offering a nice addition to the already good surge protection characteristics rated at 125VAC, 15A, 60Hz, and 1875W. However, have in mind that the outlets cannot be set individually, but all at once, which limits the overall capabilities a bit.

The BN-LINK 8 is a user-friendly device, with an easy-to-use digital interface and a UL and ETL rating, as it should be the case with one of the best surge protectors available. There are also LED indicators for each of the two rows, to mark the powered outlets, a not-that-long one-meter cable, and a very good customer service that will help you with your every doubt.

In other words, if you need a power surge device to pair it with one of the best gaming PCs out there, and save your almighty machine from potential power surge problems, BN-LINK 8 is without a doubt an excellent choice.


  • UL- and ETL-certified
  • Easy setup
  • Timer controls
  • Nice build quality
  • Excellent customer service

  • Not the best quality control
  • Outlets are not programmable individually

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A Uniquely Designed Surge Protector Perfect for the Not-Too-Demanding Users

bestek mrj6008-bk
Although it might not seem that usual, devices can be attractive, practical and affordable at the same time. A prime example of that is a BESTEK MRJ6008-BK that comes with a unique rounded shape, and offers decent performance, good enough for a regular home user or a college student, for example. It lacks premium features or top-of-the-chart efficiency; nevertheless, it comes with six surge-protected outlets and four USB-charged ports with different speeds (one 1.5A, two 2A and one with 2.4A) to accommodate various device types.

The protector itself is UL-certified, has an 18-month warranty and is equipped with child-resistant safety shutters, along with the automatic on-off circuit breaker that turns off the power when there is an overload or a short circuit and has heat resistance to temperatures up to 750°C.

Unfortunately, BESTEK MRJ6008-BK has a protection rating of only 220 Joules, which is rather small but is still good enough for the not-too-demanding users.

In other words, if you are looking for the best surge protector with USB-charging function, or at least the most versatile one and you are not such a large power user, BESTEK MRJ6008-BK might be a real revelation for you.


  • Affordable
  • Unique design

  • Outlets too close to each other
  • Only 220 Joules of protection rating

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APC (P12U2)

A Premium Quality Surge Protector at an Affordable Price

apc p12u2
Buying a quality, high performing, but the cheap device is a forever-long goal for the majority of users, and although such devices aren’t always easy to find, they do exist, and APC (P12U2) surge protector is a prime example of them.

This device is not that impressive at first glance, but it supports the 1800W of power and has a great protection rating of the very impressive 4320 Joules. It comes supplied with 12 NEMA 5-15 surge-protected outlets and two fast-charging 2.4A USB ports. Moreover, it is equipped with EMI/RFI filters, safety shutters, LED indicators, on/off switch and even a 180° rotatable six-foot cable. In other words, everything you might expect from the best surge protector is there.

APC (P12U2) is a UL-certified device, with a lifetime warranty and according to its capabilities, it is an ideal solution for various types of home electronics, from gaming PCs and consoles to appliances such as TVs. In other words, if you are searching for the best surge protector for TV or any other similar type device, APC (P12U2) will be more than a good bargain and altogether a winning deal.


  • Fast USB charging ports
  • Spacious
  • Affordable
  • Great

  • USB ports are too close to outlets

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HITRENDS Surge Protector Power Strip 6

A Cheap, High-Capacity Surge Protection

hitrends surge protector power strip 6

HITRENDS Surge Protector Power Strip is a reasonably-priced power protector, with six power outlets and six USB ports, capable of quick charging of up to 2.4A each. This is a well-built device, with great durability and a ton of protection features that include UL, FCC, RoHS, and CE certification, as well as a fire-resistance shell that should sustain temperatures of up to 750°C.

HITRENDS Surge Protector Power Strip has a maximum surge protection rating of up to 1650 Joules and a voltage of 250 Volts. Its AC output rating is rated at 13A, 125V, and 1625W, while the weight of only 460 grams makes this device highly portable and practical.

This surge protector comes with a decent 1.8-meter cord and more importantly, 100% copper wires that provide the best possible characteristics.

In other words, everything needed for quality work is there, as it should be the situation with the device that is neck and neck with the best power protectors available on the market.


  • UL, FCC, RoHS, and CE certification
  • Six USB ports
  • Lightweight

  • Not the best quality control

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Accell Powramid Air Surge Protector (D080B-030K)

A Decent Quality Surge Protect in a Spaceship “Suit”

accell powramid air surge protector d080b-030k
Accell Powramid Air Surge Protector (D080B-030K) is one of those devices that deliver solid performance and a decent set of features at a fair price. Attractive, with a spaceship look, this device offers a somewhat different approach to the design, but great usability and excellent positioning of its six surge-protected outlets that allow for an easy connection of bulky transformers, without covering of the other outlets.

Moreover, this surge protector is equipped with two USB ports with a charging speed of 2.4A and an on/off power button with LED indicators that unfortunately doesn’t offer easy access and has a cover that’s easy to lose.

Accell Powramid Air Surge Protector (D080B-030K) has a surge protection rating of 1080 Joules and allows for a maximum power of 1800W. Also, it offers a durable, scratch resistant design, followed by the respectable five-year warranty and overall great practicality.

Although it has many positive sides, this device surely isn’t among the best surge protector utilities available; however, it offers a nice package at a fair price and generally presents a really good overall choice.


  • Five-year warranty
  • Great design
  • Good surge protect rating

  • The switch doesn’t have easy access

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AmazonBasics 12-Outlet Power Strip Surge Protector

A Cheap and Basic Surge Protector that Delivers a Great Value for the Money

amazonbasics 12-outlet power strip surge protector
Affordable devices with basic features are usually dedicated to a large base of users who are looking for practicality and, more importantly, that the utility does the job. AmazonBasics 12-Outlet Power Strip Surge Protector surely does fulfill these requirements.

As previously mentioned, this surge protector comes equipped with only the things that must be there and nothing more than that. It has a 4320 Joule energy rating, 12 widely positioned surge-protected outlets, durable eight-foot cord, LED indicators and on/off switch supplied with overload protection.

Fact is that you won’t be amazed by it, but you will get what you need and all that for a tiny price. Altogether, AmazonBasics 12-Outlet Power Strip Surge Protector definitely isn’t the best surge protector available, but on the other hand, it surely has one of the best values on the market.


  • Cheap
  • Great capacity
  • Good value for the money

  • Limited features

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Tripp Lite TLP128TTUSBB

A High Capacity, Great Performance, and Reasonable Price in One

tripp lite tlp128ttusbb

Tripp Lite TLP128TTUSBB is a lightweight (460 grams) high-capacity surge protector that offers protection for your electrical appliances, USB-powered devices, and even RJ11- based devices such as phones, fax, or satellite equipment.

This power surge comes with twelve NEMA 5 15R outlets, dual USB A ports, as well as three ports for RJ11-based devices, offering protection for your entire household.

Tripp Lite TLP128TTUSBB comes with a lifetime warranty and easy mounting, yet more importantly, it offers surge protection of 4320 Joules, which is more than respectable for its affordable price. This power surge is fitted with a 2.5-meter power cord, a power on/off switch, as well as diagnostics LEDs that should help with its already easy use.

To make things even better, Tripp Lite TLP128TTUSBB is also equipped with the EMI/RFI noise protection filters; it offers decent build quality and brings to the customer exactly what the best budget-friendly surge protector should, delivering a great value for more than a fair price.


  • Lifetime warranty
  • Surge protection of 4320 Joules
  • Great versatility
  • Good price
  • EMI/RFI noise protection

  • Not the ideal design

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TP-LINK Kasa Smart WiFi Power Strip with Surge Protection

A Power Strip as No Other

tp-link kasa smart wifi power strip with surge protection
Innovations are always welcomed because they create additional value for the product and, if they are good enough, change the whole industry. One of those types of devices, with great potential and perspective, is TP-LINK Kasa Smart that introduces voice control over the power surge and possibility for outlet programming and scheduling.

This highly interesting device comes with six smart surge-protected outlets and three USB ports with 2.4A charging speed. Also, not only does it allow for voice control (it works with Amazon Alexa, Microsoft Cortana, and Google Assistant), but it also offers the opportunity for management over mobile devices, with the help of a simple app.

TP-LINK Kasa Smart has a sleek design and comes with a Wi-Fi connection (2.4GHz) needed for the voice controlling and it complies with both UL and ETL certifications. More importantly, it supports for the maximum power of 1875W and allows easy combining with the other Kasa Smart utilities.

Overall, TP-LINK Kasa Smart is an amazing tool that will raise your power surge protection to another level and it undoubtedly presents one of the best surge protectors for gaming PCs, TVs and other volatile devices in your household.


  • Voice control
  • Programmable outlets
  • Sleek

  • Expensive
  • Outlets lack the childproof features

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Belkin (BV112234-08)

A Versatile Surge Protector Ideal for Home and Office

belkin bv112234-08
If you are in demand for a highly versatile surge protector, with various output types, Belkin (BV112234-08) might be the best choice for you. Affordable, with a low-profile design and surge-protected connection for Ethernet, Coax and Phone-line along with 12 regular outlets, this device delivers everything that a small office might need, offering full security of all your devices and connections.

Belkin (BV112234-08) comes with a lifetime warranty and is equipped with sliding safety covers. More importantly, it has 3996 Joules safety rating and allows for the maximum power of 1875W, which is very nice for any surge protector. Moreover, this protector allows for easy wall mounting and altogether presents a very handy tool for most users.

In other words, if versatility and great connectivity are your number one goal, Belkin (BV112234-08) is the best surge protector that money can buy and you surely won’t make a mistake by buying it.


  • Versatile
  • Feature rich
  • Great capacity

  • Flimsy on/off switch

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KMC 6-Outlet Surge Protector Power Strip

A Basic, but Reliable Surge Protector

kmc 6-outlet surge protector power strip

KMC 6-Outlet Surge Protector Power Strip is a budget-friendly device that brings the basic functions and solid value for the money that makes it suitable for a wide variety of users.

Have in mind that this isn’t some fancy gadget that will proudly stand in your living room, but a good working horse that won’t impress you with its looks; however, it will get the job done. Its 900 Joule rating, along with four-foot AWG cable and 1874W maximum current support will do more than a pleasing job of protecting your precious devices from spikes, over-heat, power surges, and so on.

KMC 6-Outlet Surge Protector Power Strip is a UL-certified device, with the decent build quality, a two-year warranty, and above all, reliable performance that will help you protect your devices in the long run.


  • Two-year warranty
  • Good value for the money
  • Reliable performance
  • Fair price

  • No USB ports

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This guide has been made with an intention to help you with your search for the best surge protector. If it managed that, its purpose is accomplished. On the other hand, if it didn’t, hopefully, it at least cleared some of the doubts that you had and made your future search a bit less stressful.

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