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Removable vs. Non-Removable Battery

The battery is an inseparable component of any portable device. Like the devices themselves, batteries have advanced quite a bit in recent years, both in their design and their function. Previously, only removable batteries used to exist for mobile phones and laptops.
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How Loud Should Your Headphones Be?

Whether it’s music, gaming, or work, the use of headphones has become quite common these days as they allow you to isolate yourself from your surrounding and focus on what you’re up to. However, if you listen to music or play games at a loud volume for a long period…
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What is VRM

Short for Voltage Regulator Module, a VRM is a buck converter that lowers down the voltage received from the Power Supply Unit (PSU) to a manageable size and then, sends it towards the motherboard so that each part of the computer gets the required power. The VRM is present…