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How to secure your Wi-Fi network?

Wireless Fidelity, better known as Wi-Fi, is installed nearly in every house, office, and building you can think of. It is easy to set up and allows access to the Internet to all the wireless devices in the range. Wi-Fi monitors all the traffic on your network. It provides…
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When and How to Reformat a PC?

If you buy a new pc, and use it for a few years, there is always a chance of a slight dip in its performance. Many pc users struggle with the question of when and how to reformat a pc. You may have formatted your PC several times by now, and it may or may not have been…
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How to Find and Eliminate Wi-Fi Dead Spots

Have you ever experienced the feeling of finding a nice quiet place to work in your home, ready to begin with a nice cup of tea, only to discover that there are no signals where you’re at? What you just experienced was a Wi-Fi dead spot. The signals may be fine around that…
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PCI vs. USB Wi-Fi Adapters

There are two ways that you can access the internet on your PC, either through an ethernet cable or through Wi-Fi. Whether it is due to the unavailability of an ethernet cable or because you don’t want to trouble yourself by having to take the ethernet cable with your…
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Computer Beep Codes You Should Know

Have you ever experienced incessant beeps while trying to boot up your computer? If you have, then you know the frustration that comes with it. These beeps are indicative of some sort of problem with your PC’s hardware components. To understand this problem, you need to…
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What is Intel Optane Memory

Whenever you decide to purchase a new PC, the memory is arguably one of the most pondered over areas of this potential purchase. With your budget in mind, you are most likely to ask questions like: How much RAM should I get? And should I go with an HDD, an SSD, or both?