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JBL GO 2 Bluetooth Speaker Review

jbl go 2

An Affordable Bluetooth Speaker Suitable for Every Occasion

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JBL GO 2 is a compact, waterproof Bluetooth speaker that brings a solid sound quality for more than a reasonable price. This piece of equipment offers great versatility and is available in a variety of colors that make it suitable for a great base of users. Therefore, if you are after one of the best shower speakers available on the market, you may be sure that this one will fulfill most of your needs.


Connectivity: Bluetooth 4.1, 3.5mm analog connection
Type of charging: over the micro USB cable
Driver size: 100 mm
Output power: 3W
Battery life: 5 hours (730 mAh)
Weight: 184 grams
Dimensions: Length 31,6 mm, Height 86 mm, Width 71,2 mm


To begin with, this speaker offers a solid sound quality that brings a significant improvement over its predecessor, delivering more value for its price. JBL GO 2 is a waterproof IPX7 rated speaker that can be submerged for up to 30 minutes in one meter of water, and it is generally a well-built device, with a decent level of durability that positions it in the sheer top among the best affordable portable speakers.

JBL GO 2 delivers a punchy, clear sound, enhanced with a noise-canceling feature, as well as decent connectivity that involves Bluetooth 4.1 and a 3.5mm analog connection. In other words, there is more than a solid list of features for a reasonable price.

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As mentioned, JBL GO 2 delivers a decent sound quality for its price and size, offering great clarity and a nice level of detail. Unfortunately, its bass is almost non-existent; however, the resulting audio brings a pretty cohesive sound, with tight mids and high sounds that bring a good mix.

Its sound is pretty narrow, which is expected from mono speakers; nonetheless, its competition brings slightly more for the price and size. At max volumes, things start to get unpleasant, with very harsh and fatiguing sound.

However, overall usage is pretty straightforward and can be managed by anyone.


When talking about the design, it should be stated that the JBL GO 2 doesn’t bring anything revolutionary. It comes with a classical boxy look, with five small buttons on the top (pairing, volume, and a multi-function button), as well as a micro-USB charging port and 3.5mm port on the side, hidden under the cover. The entire surface of the JBL GO 2 has a rubberized housing that brings great durability and premium looks and gives a bit of charm to otherwise boring looks.

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This Bluetooth speaker comes in 12 different colors that include black, blue, green, gray, orange, red, yellow, and others. Also, at the front side of the speaker, there is the large JBL logo that lays on the grill that helps with the sound outward projection, while there is only a large JBL logo on its back, on a plain flat surface, without the grill or any other extras.

JBL GO 2 also comes with the speakerphone that, unfortunately, isn’t too sensitive and requires louder speaking; however, it does exist, which is certainly a nice bonus. This speaker weighs only 184 grams, which makes it super portable and comes in compact dimensions (length 31,6 mm, height 86 mm, width 71,2 mm) that allow ease of carrying wherever it suits you.

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JBL GO 2 lightweight design, along with the great portability, are some of the key advantages of this affordable device. On top of that, there is the well-balanced sound, excellent durability, and availability in 12 different colors, which improves its classical boxy looks and gives its aesthetics a significant push.

Also, JBL GO 2 comes with the IPX7 waterproof rating, it offers ease of use and brings one of the better value-for-the-money deals available, among the best Bluetooth speakers out there.

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On the other hand, what isn’t that great about this device is, in the first place, its poor battery life of five hours, which is rather small, even for a budget-friendly device. Also, its microphone could have been better, offering better sensitivity, while the supplied USB charger comes in a bright orange color, no matter what the color of your device is, which is a bit strange, yet considering the price, it is acceptable.

Final Thoughts

All in all, JBL GO 2 isn’t a premium product and it comes with a few drawbacks of its own, that, luckily, aren’t anything major. It offers quite a lot of value for its price and delivers good audio quality, great durability, and a highly portable design – some of the most important features of this type of device. On top of that, it is affordable and offers excellent build quality, which is certainly a win-win situation.

When compared to the competition, its nearest matches are the Minirig Mini that offers a similar level of sound quality and a similar size, yet brings a bit more thanks to the aptX support and better-quality driver. JBL Flip 4, another the JBL portable speaker, is also in close competition with the JBL GO 2, and it offers a similar performance, yet a significantly better bass, and of course, a higher price tag, which ultimately lets both devices bring a similar value for the money.

In other words, JBL GO 2 is a pretty good deal and a solid portable Bluetooth speaker that maybe doesn’t bring top-of-the-charts performance, or a ton of features; however, it brings what most users do need, and that is a solid build and a decent sound quality for a reasonable price. As stated, this isn’t perfect and there is plenty of space for improvements. However, if you are seeking a device that will bring excellent value for the money, without any significant downsides, then the JBL GO 2 is the Bluetooth speaker to seriously consider and a device that will make you happy.

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